Atrenne Computing Solutions Introduces Industry- First GEN-4/5 OpenVPX™ Backplanes


Brockton, MA. – September 15, 2021, Atrenne, A Celestica Company, (TSX:CLS) (NYSE:CLS) today announced a new series of Gen-4/5 OpenVPX backplanes. This series is part of Atrenne’s innovative product family that enables end-to-end solutions for 64/100 Gigabit systems. Atrenne Computing Solutions offers a wide range of standard and custom, high-performance backplanes, including 3U, 6U, and hybrid 3U/6U models.

Atrenne’s Gen-4/5 OpenVPX backplanes are designed to the demanding signal integrity requirements of PCIe Gen4 and 100GbE (100GBASE-KR4) and offer the highest signal integrity (SI) in the industry. By utilizing full three-dimensional electron microscopy (3D EM) field modeling in HFSS™ to develop highly accurate SI models, areas such as return loss, dielectric loss, skin effect loss, and crosstalk have been stabilized in the backplane design. This is a significant advancement in high-volume throughput computing.

“As sensor inputs and signal processing demands increase, so do the data rates of serial switched fabric protocols used for OpenVPX slot-to-slot interconnect planes,” said Jim Tierney, Vice President Defense and Aerospace Systems for Atrenne Computing Solutions, “Our internal testing and modeling research has helped us achieve robust Gen-4/5, 16/25’s Gbaud signaling in OpenVPX systems. Whether it is achieving greater performance through hi-speed backplanes or innovative cooling techniques, Atrenne delivers proven designs that accelerate innovation.”

Atrenne’s Gen-4/5 OpenVPX systems operate on high-performance VITA 46.30 MULTIGIG RT 3 connectors. Multiple backplane profiles are available, including pass-thru backplanes. Atrenne also designs application-specific configurations to meet individual and custom requirements.

Atrenne’s experts will be at AUSA’s annual conference with products. Stop by booth #4225 for a demonstration.

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