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Deploying Cost-Effective Commercial Electronics at Stratospheric Altitudes

October 25, 2016

Atrenne extended the Small Form Factor (SFF) 760 Series electronic packaging design to enable off-the-shelf Mini-ITX and PCIe commercial electronics CCA’s to be deployed in airborne applications that reach stratospheric altitudes, well above 50,000 feet.  Commercial components are typically not designed to operate in reduced pressure environments.  For example, standard aluminum electrolytic capacitors, are designed for atmospheric pressure corresponding to 10,000 feet and below. 

Atrenne created a hermetically sealed rugged enclosure which maintained an atmospheric pressure of one atmosphere at all times, essentially simulating a lab operating environment.  In order to maintain a seal, Atrenne employed a gasket able to buffer mechanical occlusions between the two precisely machined aluminum surfaces of the enclosure.  Atrenne also developed a creative solution to maintain a seal around fiber optic cables, I/O cables and connectors.

For more information, see our 760-92 product page.


How to Deploy Cost-Effective Commercial Electronics in Brutally Harsh Environments

August 12, 2016

Military applications present many challenges to electronic components including extreme temperature ranges, vibration, shock, dust, salt, fog and more. Commercially available components, particularly Mini-ITX processor boards and PCIe expansion cards, are simply not designed to be utilized in these types of rugged, deployed applications.  Often, this has prevented system integrators from choosing state-of-the-art commercial electronics in favor of much more expensive rugged solutions designed specifically for the military market.

That's why Atrenne developed the Small Form Factor (SFF) 760-91.  It provides a rugged encasement protecting commercial electronics from the types of harsh environments that are characteristic of military applications.  The 760-91 houses a Mini-ITX (or potentially other) processor board and three PCIe cards in a small 13 lb, baseplate-cooled chassis which is able to pass environmental stress screening (ESS).  If you need to deploy commercial electronics under very challenging conditions, this little enclosure is rugged and ready.

For more information, see our 760-91 product page.