Lab Development Systems

Atrenne provides the industry’s widest array of desktop, tower, open frame, or ATR lab development systems for usage in the lab environment. Chassis are available that support both 3U and 6U module form factors, and both air and forced-air conduction cooling methodologies. Atrenne also offers the industry’s widest selection of backplane topologies including VITA standard backplanes as well as pass-through backplanes which can be configured to meet an application-specific interconnect specification with cabling.  Our lab development systems are shown below:



Module Form Factor



Power Supply


522 Forced Air 3U 10 600 110 VAC Open Frame
522 Forced air 6U 10 900 110 VAC Open Frame
585 Series Forced Air 6U 8 600 100 VAC / ATX 9U Rackmount
708/728 Forced Air 6U 5-12 600 110/220 VAC 3U-9U Rackmount
COOL-CC3 Forced Air Conduction 3U 6 1200 110/220 VAC Desktop Tower
COOL-CC6 Forced Air Conduction 6U 6 1200 100/220 VAC Desktop Tower
COOL-XC3 Forced Air 3U 7 900 110/220 VAC Desktop Tower
COOL-XC6 Forced Air 6U 6 1200 110/220 VAC Desktop Tower
D2D-34S ATR  Forced Air Conduction 3U 6 400   3/4 ATR
D2D-34TLA ATR Forced Air 3U 9 675   3/4 ATR
DT-CC  Forced Air Conduction 6U 6 1900 110/220 VAC Horizontal
DT-XC Forced Air 6U 6 1900 110/220 VAC Horizontal
OF-SMART3 Forced Air 3U 6 900 110/220 VAC Open Frame
OF-SMART6 Forced Air 6U 7 1200 110/220 VAC Open Frame
RME13CC Forced Air Conduction 6U 16 3750/3000 220 VAC 13U Rackmount
RME13XC Forced Air 6U 16 3300 220 VAC 13U Rackmount
RME9CC Forced Air Conduction 3U 12 2600 110 VAC 9U Rackmouint
RME9XC Forced Air 3U 12 2600 110 VAC 9U Rackmount
849-S145 Forced Air 3U 2 200 110 VAC Small Desktop

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