Designing, delivering and deploying mission critical, embedded electronics for over 50 years.

Leading edge technology that will meet your most complex needs

Atrenne, a Celestica company, serves many sectors of the defense and commercial industries demanding highly specialized design requirements, manufacturability, life cycle cost and quality/reliability.

Defense & Aerospace

With five decades of experience supplying COTS and custom products and services to the world's largest defense companies, Atrenne’s state-of-the-art technology has been deployed in hundreds of defense and homeland security initiatives.

Our customers rely on us to meet their most complex needs — whether land, sea or air. Our mission-critical, ruggedized components, integrated systems and leading-edge signal integrity and thermal management solutions enable our customers to move forward with confidence.


Atrenne works with the world’s largest telecommunications and computing providers, supplying fabricated metal components, custom enclosures, and fully integrated systems for data centers, central offices and exposed environments.


Our extensive experience in electro-mechanical systems combined with access to Celestica’s FDA-registered and ISO 13485-certified manufacturing sites, ensure flawless execution.

Industrial – Oil & Gas, Transportation, Renewable Energy

Atrenne is a one-stop-shop, supply-chain partner for a wide range of technology-driven industries. From components to integrated systems and application-specific designs, our focus on manufacturing quality accelerates your project schedule and gets you to market faster.

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