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Rugged embedded systems and components - from design to mission-ready

Serving the defense industry for more than 50 years

As a leading supplier of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components, integrated systems and services to the world's largest defense companies, Atrenne enables leading edge technology deployments for a wide spectrum of defense and homeland security programs.

Our ruggedized, high-reliability systems are deployed in the harshest environments — on land, sea, or air. All designs, assemblies and components are tested in-house to the most challenging military and EMI/RFI standards.

Military Programs

Atrenne's enclosures, backplanes and integrated systems can be found in over a hundred Department of Defense (DoD) programs. Our customers have trusted us to design, develop and deploy complex systems that meet military standards. When a system needs to be up and running one hundred percent of the time during operations, regardless of the extreme conditions they may encounter, Atrenne has delivered.

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Featured Products

10 Slot VME Rugged ATR SIGINT Chassis
10U VME64X Ground Mbile Rugged Enclosure
3U 524 Open Series Chassis
11 Slot SOSA Development System
11-Slot 3U – 6U OpenVPX Backplane
Derisk Integration WP Cover

White Paper Derisk Your System Integration

As a vertically integrated manufacturer, Atrenne is uniquely qualified to manufacture, integrate and test your system or subsystem. With extensive electromechanical design-build expertise and value-add, build-to-print manufacturing, Atrenne is an ideal partner to assist in solving the most challenging issues whether related to design, manufacturing, supply chain management or life cycle management.

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