Solutions Brief

Unique Chassis Designs for UAV Programs

UAV design challenge solutions brief cover

UAVs Are Today’s Essential Data Acquisition Platforms
It is no secret that today’s defense and intelligence operations are deploying a wide range of UAVs of various sizes and characteristics. While their missions vary, these UAVs share a common task, providing a platform for sensors and embedded computing systems that capture, process, store, and transmit images and electromagnetic spectrum data.

Atrenne Houses the Critical UAV Electronics
Atrenne’s role is to design and deliver the rugged chassis that house, power, monitor, and cool those sophisticated embedded systems. For more than 50 years, we have been focused on providing innovatively designed and customized chassis systems for defense electronics. Many of our biggest challenges now come from UAV programs, with requirements ranging from strict restrictions on SWaP to extremely rigorous environmental and performance specifications.

This solutions brief focuses on the challenges our design team embraced in harnessing the power of engineering innovation to meet our customers’ needs. Three successful systems, each one distinctly different, demonstrate Atrenne’s unique capabilities.




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