Custom and off-the-shelf mechanical solutions

For over fifty years Atrenne has worked closely with the world's leading equipment companies to implement customized mechanical solutions and supply fabricated metal components and enclosures for data centers, central offices and harsh environments worldwide. Atrenne’s custom front panels, extractors and enclosures have been delivered into a wide variety of applications including servers, storage units, base stations, switches and routers.

Featured Products

10 Gbaud Gen-3 OpenVPX Backplanes
3D Printed Chassis Series
3U VPX Backplane
505 Series Rackmount / Benchtop
Derisk Integration WP Cover

White Paper Derisk Your System Integration

As a vertically integrated manufacturer, Atrenne is uniquely qualified to manufacture, integrate and test your system or subsystem. With extensive electromechanical design-build expertise and value-add, build-to-print manufacturing, Atrenne is an ideal partner to assist in solving the most challenging issues whether related to design, manufacturing, supply chain management or life cycle management.

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