Air Blockers

Utilize silver-filled elastomeric EMI gaskets that eliminate the problems of competitive metal gaskets.


Air blockers use silver-filled elastomeric EMI gaskets to eliminate problems associated with competitive metal gaskets (i.e., no sharp edges, no snags) in enclosures. Air dams may be located on the upper or lower edges to block airflow in and out of the empty slot and prevent “chimney” effects. Thus, the air blockers improve system airflow (with dams in the lower position). Front panels provide the system with an EMI seal (OpenVPX 1” pitch, VME64x and cPCI versions), as well as a finished appearance and easy maintenance. The blockers are compatible with OpenVPX (1” pitch), VME, VXI, VME64x and cPCI. Available in a full range of sizes from 3Ux160mm to 9Ux400mm, the air blockers have multiple choices of IEEE 1101.10-compliant injector/ejector (VME64x and cPCI versions).

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