Power Control Module (PCM)

Rugged intelligent system monitor board that provides high-level control and bridging.


The Power and Control Module (PCM) board is a rugged intelligent system monitor board that provides high-level control and bridging to a system host via multiple avenues: SNMP (V2/3), Ethernet (IEEE 802.3), USB, RS-232 and CANbus. The PCM contains onboard software and logic to autonomously manage a computing enclosure or platform and is designed to monitor and control various chassis-level elements, including power supplies, fans, displays, front panel controls and indicators. It can also interactively enable/disable chassis payload power systems, direct external/internal connected devices, and issue controlled system resets with the communication or switch interfaces. With the rich management feature set, combined with FCBs, the PCM is modular and extensible to adapt to specific system requirements. It is suitable for military and commercial use.

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