About us

Atrenne harnesses the power of engineering innovation and integration to provide customers with certified, ruggedized electromechanical solutions and world-class quality.
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Celebrating 50 years of excellence

2022 marked our 50th anniversary. 50 years of innovation, commitment to excellence and a relentless drive to unlock the potential of our customers’ visions.

We were founded in 1972 as Mupac Corporation, a leading supplier of wire-wrap boards and systems. We have reinvented ourselves many times, over the years, building a sterling reputation for providing complex, integrated electronic solutions built to deliver—when failure is not an option.

Acquired by Celestica in 2018, we now serve the defense, aerospace and other technology-driven industries, delivering custom designs, integrated components, electronic packaging and complex electronic assemblies.

With access to global manufacturing centers of excellence and a worldwide supply base, we help our customers drive advancements that are changing the world.

When failure is not an option

A failed computer system can be a nuisance in some situations, but it can be disastrous in others. Nobody likes it when their computer crashes in the middle of an overnight rendering or while writing a quarterly report you forgot to save. The cost of that delay or loss of data is insignificant compared to a failure in a mission-critical setting, such as a combat zone or 1,000 feet beneath the ocean's surface. In these conditions, the failure of a computer system could be catastrophic.

For over 50 years, Atrenne has been committed to delivering trusted systems that cannot fail, something we take very seriously.

“To recognize that the greatest error is not to have tried and failed, but that in trying, we did not give it our best effort. Failure is not an option.”
Gene Kranz - Chief Flight Director, Apollo 13

Working at Atrenne

Build your career at Atrenne. Your success is our success — our top priority is to hire the best and offer a sense of ownership and opportunity in building your career.