AOC 2023 Atrenne

Electronic warfare, electromagnetic spectrum operations, cyber-electromagnetic activities, and information operations professionals from all over the world convene at the AOC International Symposium & Convention each year to participate in the industry’s most prestigious gathering.

Being better at using the electromagnetic spectrum keeps showing itself to be a game-changing skill that gives a clear operational edge in conflicts around the world. Our soldiers must make sure that EMS activities are coordinated and integrated into all areas of warfighting across all military operations. But for the EMS to continue to be successful, business, education, the military, governments, and professional organizations need to work together and form alliances and partnerships to share ideas and information across the whole system. The AOC 2023 is a place where professionals who want to make a change and have a direct effect on our future can work together.

Two members of the 216th Space Control Squadron (SPCS) set up antennas as part of a ‘Honey Badger System’ during BLACK SKIES 22 at Vandenberg Space Force Base, Calif., Sept. 20, 2022. The 216 SPCS specializes in electromagnetic warfare and is participating in the Space Training and Readiness Command’s (STARCOM) BLACK SKIES 22, along with numerous other units spanning from California to Colorado. The first of its kind, BLACK SKIES 22 is a live simulation exercise designed to rehearse the command and control of multiple joint electronic warfare fires. (U.S. Space Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Luke Kitterman)

Stop by our booth #711 and receive a complimentary white paper and demonstration on three methods to manufacturing air transport racks (ATRs).

Make a note on your calendar and come to AOC’s Annual International Symposium & Convention for three days of interesting and informative keynotes, breakout workshops, and tech talks. This December, the world’s top event for people working in information operations, cyber-electromagnetic activities, electromagnetic spectrum operations, and electronic warfare will take place.