AMC Carriers

Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) Carriers are available with 1-4 carrier bays and come with a variety of finishing options. The carrier may be customized to meet your AMC configuration requirements.

  • 1-4 carrier bays 
  • Finishing options: 
    • Aluminum – Chromate with Vertical Grain
    • Powder Coat
    • Anodize/Chromate
    • Special Color Chromating
  • Labeling Options
    • Silkscreen (single or multicolor)
    • Overlays
  • Accepts compact, mid and full size AMC’s, 8U 6HP 280MM deep design
  • Rugged aluminum extruded design and die cast carrier
  • Includes Southco ATCA style thumbscrews, allignment pins, and ATCA style ejectors
  • Assembled and ready to attach to your carrier PCB board
  • Maximum face area available for connector cutouts


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