Backplane Solution 61-154

3U/6U OpenVPX development backplane ideally suited for airborne ISR applications.

• Size: 15.061” x 10.311” x 0.195”
• Hybrid 3U/6U OpenVPX backplane
   (2) 3U OpenVPX slots
   (7) 6U OpenVPX slots
   1.0” pitch
• Interconnect Topology:
   Application-specific mesh style topology
   PCI Express®, GigE, SATA fabrics
   Topology mimics the rugged ATR backplane
• I/O Connectivity:
   (8) application-specific I/O connectors
   I/O connectivity mimics the rugged ATR backplane
• 0 to +50°C
• Altitude: 5 kft operating
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