VME64x VITA 1.7 Backplane

Atrenne VME64x VITA 1.7 backplanes comply with ANSI/VITA 5.1, include a 12-layer low noise stripline design with outside layers, which incorporates a chassis ground EMI shield and are available in customer configurations.


• High-performance, low noise, very high power
• Designed to meet ANSI/VITA 1.1
• Operates at 320 mb/s per VITA 1.5 2eSST (simulation and measurement report available)
• Complies with ANSI/VITA 38 “System Management for VME” standard
• Optional P0/J0 connectors (shrouded)
• Electronic Bus Grant (EBG)
• High current internal ground planes
• 8-32 thread high current power studs -easy to wire
• Chassis Ground 6-32 Winchester Power Bug – easy to wire

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