Press Release

AbelConn Electronics Helps Develop and Earns the IPC-1791 Printed Circuit Board Qualified Manufacturers Listing


MINNEAPOLIS March 12, 2019 — AbelConn Electronics, a Celestica company, has partnered with other industry members and IPC® on the development of IPC-1791, Trusted Electronic Designer, Fabricator,  and Assembler Requirements Qualified Manufacturers Listing (QML) for the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) program.

AbelConn was integral in developing the audit process, procedures and expectations. In addition to helping develop the program, AbelConn has been added to the IPC-1791 Qualified Manufacturers List as a trusted supplier.

The PCB QML program was developed to establish a trusted US Department of Defense (DoD) electronics supply chain. The program includes the design, fabrication, and assembly of PCBs. The IPC-1791 QML aims to support the Program Offices in the development of their Program Protection Plan (PPP) when PCBs are a critical technology or when the reliability of PCB has an impact on program risk.

“We are extremely proud to have participated in the development of the PCB QML. It was an honor to work with IPC and other industry partners to develop this new standard,” said Doug Schueller, AbelConn Director of Technology and Quality Systems. “We’re excited for the launch of the QML program to ensure the DoD receives the highest quality products for mission critical application.”