Press Release

Atrenne Chooses Aegis FactoryLogix Software

MINNEAPOLIS, April 05, 2017 – Today Atrenne Integrated Solutions, a global leader in the electronics parts industry, announced the launch of FactoryLogix at its AbelConn Electronics location in Minnesota. Operators at the AbelConn Electronics division will use FactoryLogix to increase factory speed and control, and enhanced product and process traceability.

“Operational excellence has always been a focus of ours, and this software investment will help us continue to provide superior service and support to our customers,” said Doug Schueller, Director of Technology & Quality Systems. “As we launch additional features we’ll have the ability to provide customers reduced lead times, more flexibility and better traceability for our products.”

Effective immediately for AbelConn, the software can track data down to the individual pin, provide barcoded traceability and supply detailed product genealogy. These features can be turned on and off per customer requirements. Other features include verification processes, which reduces or eliminates the need for costly customization and speeds up development and manufacturing time.