Press Release

Atrenne Improves EMI Integrity and Air Flow with Industry Leading MicroVent Fan Guards

MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 23, 2016 — Atrenne Integrated Solutions is proud to introduce its new MicroVent® Fan Guard product line, which is the latest application of MicroVent, an exclusive technology that mitigates electromagnetic interference (EMI) while improving air flow at a reduced cost. Traditionally, OEMs had to reduce honeycomb apertures on fan guards, reducing air flow, in order to mitigate EMI.  The sophisticated MicroVent technology process yields a hexagonal design with up to 80%+ open area for unobstructed air flow while still able to reduce RFI in systems utilizing high-speed serial interconnects.

“We’re excited to extend our MicroVent product line with another industry-leading solution,” said Mark Medeiros, Vice President of Commercial and Industrial Systems, Atrenne Integrated Solutions. “After the successful application of MicroVent in chassis front panels, we knew there were more opportunities to use this advanced technology to help customers cost-effectively meet EMI requirements.”

Available in standard 80mm and 120mm sizes, as well as custom sizes, these fan guards attach easily to any electronics chassis fan with screws. Made from extruded aluminum or sheet stock, MicroVent Fan Guards adhere to industry-standard fan geometries of 2, 3 and 5mm thickness, allowing for a seamless installation.

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(1) MicroVent is a registered trademark of Atrenne Computing Solutions LLC and is registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
(2) MicroVent Fan Guards are patent pending.