3/4 OpenVPX / SOSA ATR Chassis

3/4 ATR enclosure supporting 9-slot hybrid 3U OpenVPX/cPCI backplane.

• 3/4 ATR based on D2D Chassis
• Application-specific 3U 9-slot hybrid OpenVPX/ cPCI backplane
   1 x 3U OpenVPX 1.058” pitch slot
   7 x 3U OpenVPX 0.8” pitch slot
   1 x 3U cPCI slot
   2 x 3U MIL-STD-704E application-specific power supply slot
• Application-specific I/O panel CCA
   I/O panel CCA with rugged I/O connectors and signal conditioning
   RF I/O cabling and rugged optical transceiver
• Dual 230W currentsharing applicationspecific MIL-STD-704E power supplies
• 28 VDC DC/DC converter provides regulated fan voltage for optimum cooling performance
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