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Atrenne Announces Deployment of Commercial Electronics in Harsh Military Environments

SFF Solution 760-91 Enables Use of Mini-ITX in Mil-Aero

BROCKTON, Mass., August 12, 2016Atrenne Integrated Solutions, Inc. announced the Small Form Factor (SFF) Solution 760-91 rugged electronic packaging design which enables off-the-shelf Mini-ITX and PCIe commercial electronics CCA’s to be deployed in the SWAP and cost-constrained, harsh environments characteristic of ground mobile, naval and airborne applications.  These types of applications present many challenges to electronic components including extreme temperature ranges, vibration, shock, dust, salt, fog and more. Commercially available components, particularly Mini-ITX processor boards and PCIe expansion cards, are simply not designed to be utilized in these types of rugged, deployed applications.  Often, this has prevented system integrators from choosing state-of-the-art commercial electronics in favor of much more expensive rugged solutions designed specifically for the military market.

SFF Solution 760-91 houses a processor board and three PCIe cards in a small chassis 11.22” L x 9.06” W x 3.43” H.  The chassis and internal electronics weighs 13 lbs and consumes < 100W.  Despite using components that are commercially rated, the chassis meets an operating temperature of -32C to +55C, using an internal heater prior to power-on.  The enclosure utilizes baseplate cooling providing an optimal thermal path to a conductive mounting surface.  Every unit passes environmental stress screening, ensuring that it meets the specific ruggedization requirements of the application, such as MIL-STD-810 shock and vibration.

“Atrenne was able to provide a solution where other vendors fell short because of our 40+ years of design experience with rugged electronic packaging,” reported Jim Tierney, Vice President Aerospace and Defense Systems, Atrenne Integrated Solutions.  “Atrenne contributed design, manufacturing, supply chain and risk management expertise to make this solution possible for our customer, a leading technology integrator.”

Atrenne is a market leader in providing COTS chassis and enclosure solutions for mission and performance-critical markets deployed in the world’s harshest environments.  For more information about Atrenne Integrated Solutions, please refer to  For more information about the Small Form Factor 760-91, please see the product page or the Atrenne contact us page.