White Paper

Achieving Robust 16/25 Gbaud Signaling in OpenVPX Systems

cover page for white paper gen-4/5

The challenge: Robust operation of 100 Gb Ethernet and PCI Express Gen-4 on your processing system, even in the most challenging environmental conditions. These high-speed serial fabrics utilize 16/25 Gbaud signaling. Until recently, this was not possible in an OpenVPX system.

Read the white paper to see how it was done using a new generation of connectors along with highly-optimized backplane and module designs, OpenVPX applications can now confidently run 16 Gbaud Gen-4 and 25 Gbaud Gen-5 interconnects, raising system performance to a whole new level. In this white paper, we discuss some of the difficulties that were overcome to achieve this much higher level of throughput.


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